Great Honey, Great Health

American Honey Bee Protection Agency has a lot to offer the honey connoisseur. The wide selection of local honey provides quality options to the discerning culinary craftsman. Sure, it tastes great, but why raw honey instead of the heavily processed product most often found in grocery stores? That is an important question that requires some explanation.

Many health experts describe wild honey as that ever delectable superfood. And why not? It is chock full of vitamins, minerals, and helpful enzymes. The benefits to your body are numerous and worth your attention. Scientific studies have indicated multiple benefits associated with raw honey that range from supporting weight management to antioxidation. There are various ways to integrate raw honey into your diet to reap the benefits and satisfy that sweet tooth. We are going to touch on a few of them in another post to point you in the correct direction of better health and wellness.

First things first, ensure you are buying genuine raw honey, such as the products offered by the American Honey Bee Protection Agency. Regionally harvested raw honey is one of the best options you have at your disposal to encourage good stewardship of this precious resource. This product is untreated and natural, providing the best nutritional value honey money can buy. Besides, how better to contribute to the preservation of bees than by supporting your local growers?

Many folks may wonder why raw honey matters. Before we delve too far into this point, we must understand that raw honey is, by definition, untreated and not heated. Pasteurization or filtering disqualifies honey from being considered natural. Those processes rob you, the concerned consumer, of the essential benefits of honey. The method used to heat and treat household name commercial honey kills the beneficial enzymes and other healthy contributions from this excellent food. That is why we take this matter seriously and make a good faith effort to provided the finest selection of unadulterated raw honey. We desire what you desire, quality honey, and good health. As I sit here saying that, I can’t help it. My mind wanders to a bowl of cold sweet ice cream dripping with honey. Okay, perhaps we’ll take a slight detour in our next post.

Good health starts here: