Home Run Honey

It is interesting how much effort folks go through to cook up a meal but stop short of a home run. Why is that? Time is precious, and so are your taste buds. Why neglect them with mediocre condiments containing preservatives and added sugar?

Honey is an ideal complementary option for main courses and desserts. Flavor aside, it makes for a tasty accent to what may otherwise be dull in texture or sight. Wild and natural honey varieties offer varying colors and flavors to a meal. Mix and match starting with your basics, such as topping biscuits or ice cream. The taste of Brazillian Cherry or Jungle Blossom Honey would make an excellent combination that will reward your taste buds. One of the easiest and most overlooked dessert options is a simple scoop of french vanilla ice cream with a judicious application of your favorite honey selection. Your tastes will dictate your chosen combination, but it is hard to go wrong on this one. If you have difficulty deciding, a safe but delicious bet would be the five jar Sampler. The Sampler provides a varied selection of honey that offers unique flavors from our partner apiaries, where bees feed on local flora. Why not give yourself some flexibility to discover your favorite?

If you can’t decide on an option, fear not. There is always the option of running your finger through a jar of rich raw honey and tasting its great flavor direct. My friend, there is no judgment here; this is a safe place.

Jungle Blossom honey found here: