Grab Bag Raw Honey
Grab Bag Raw Honey
Grab Bag Raw Honey
Grab Bag Raw Honey
Grab Bag Raw Honey

Grab Bag Raw Honey

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==> A 16oz JAR SAVES 3,500 BEES!

We sell honey all over the place—farmer's markets, in-store demos, roadside stands, tailgate sales, white-label events, etc. Often, we'll end up with really great tasting honey that has a label on it for an event that has already passed (because we didn't sell them all at the said event). Or—we'll have such a small run of one particular honey flavor profile that it doesn't warrant its own label. This is sometimes honey that is crystallizing (but can easily be brought back to liquid by adding low heat). In these cases, we make this "grab bag raw honey" available to you at a discounted rate! 

You can help save the bees when you purchase a jar of honey from our store. Profits from this item go to support the safe rescue, relocation, and rehabilitation of honey bees through our partnership with the American Honey Bee Protection Agency.

Honey connoisseurs know that there is a wide range of wild honey flavors, like wine cultivated from grapes grown in different regions. The commercial super-sweet concoction you purchase in the plastic bear from the grocery store doesn't compare.

Genuine wild honey takes on the flavor profile of flora foraged by bees. This grab bag honey is like pulling a treasure out of a mystery box. What will you get? Dark honey? Something custom from bees on the river? A brand new offering not available for purchase yet? With the Grab Bag, anything is possible! Roll those dice and see where you end up (we promise it will be delicious).

Our honey is 100% raw, never cooked, and never modified (we don't add anything to it). We solar sit our honey with the wax, propolis, and other local pollens, giving each batch of honey added medicinal value. You get it just the way the bees made it—delicious.

Like a fine wine, your first taste should direct you to what the bees foraged on, and then, in the back of your throat, detect the sweetness.


This product is limited reserve honey, meaning we didn't push our bees to overproduce. We also do not blend this with some "other" bulk honey (like many other honey companies). This honey came straight out of a beehive and into the jar.

Since we take such care in our process, we are only able to produce small runs of each honey profile. Once this honey is gone, it's gone. This honey will have a slightly different flavor profile every season, and every time we pull it from the hive. But every time, you can bet—it'll be delicious.

We make sure our honey is chemical free and all-natural. We maintain the integrity of our hives by assuring nearby farmers do not spray pesticides, so our bee colonies are never in danger.

We like bees. That's why we practice "bee approved" beekeeping and bee wrangling, then donate the profits from this honey to a robust, no-kill bee rescue operation.


Profits from this honey are donated to the American Honey Bee Protection Agency to support the safe rescue, relocation, and rehabilitation of wild honey bees. Every $10 you spend with us saves around 2,500 bees.

Together, we can save the bees! Thank you! We need our pollinator friends.


Shipping & insurance fees utilize package weight. Our limited reserve honey comes in thick glass jars, which add some extra weight to the overall package. Your shipping fee guarantees delivery and the integrity of these glass jars. If a jar arrives broken upon receipt, we will send you another replacement jar at no extra charge.

Jars of honey are customarily measured using dry weight (ounces), not fluid ounces (volume).